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The quality of preparation material offered is excellent. It is a boon to the aspirants.


Thorpes Education provides a good variety of content on various subjects. It fulfills the need

...Prabhjot Singh
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V & S Thorpes Inc

Thorpes Education Inc. caters to  the needs of various academies and institutions on subjects like, Reasoning, General Knowledge, Science and Technology etc. It also undertakes development of preparation material for various competitive examinations e.g. CSE (Prelims), MBA/MCA Entrance, Banking, Hotel Management, NDA/CDS etc.

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Showick Thorpe is a national expert on competitive examinations in India. He owns THORPES®, a quality based knowledge-content brand, and manages it through his company V&S Thorpes Education. His company is a pioneer in the creation, procurement and delivery of test-prep content for various publishers and coaching institutes dealing in competitive examinations. He has authored more than 30 books in English, Hindi and Bangla languages, catering to various competitive examinations and career development. You may reach him at

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