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  • The Pearson Current Event Digest 2015-16 released

    The Pearson Current Events Digest 2015-16 is an up-to-date, comprehensive and systematically prepared collection of information on contemporary events that will be of immense help to students preparing for a wide range of competitive exams in 2015-16. Covering a wide gamut of recent national and international events, this book has a methodical approach and unique presentation that surpasses other such compilations available in the market. The distinctive features of the bookan interactive structure, its easy-to-understand approach, and an alignment with the latest patterns of various examinations make it must-buy for all aspirants.

    Salient Features

    • Revised and updated
    • Objectivity and clarity in all the topics
    • All the major events covered
    • Facts-based approach of the book to help students prepare faster and better

    Table of Contents
    1. Current National Affairs

      • Assembly Elections and Political News
      • National Issues Updates
      • News from States
      • Art and Culture
      • Supreme Court Verdicts
      • Summits and Conferences
      • Defence and Security
      • Science and Technology
      • Multilateral/Bilateral Issues

    2. International Affairs

      • Nations

    3 Indian Economy

      • Review of Indian Economy 2015-16
      • Economic Survey 2014-15
      • Key Features of Budget 2015-16
      • Tax Proposals
      • Railway Budget 2015-16
      • Important Business Current Affairs

    4 Current Affairs

      • Who's Who
      • Abbreviations
      • Books and Authors Newsmakers
      • Business G.K
      • Awards and Honours
      • Sports and Games