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The quality of preparation material offered is excellent. It is a boon to the aspirants.


Thorpes Education provides a good variety of content on various subjects. It fulfills the need

...Prabhjot Singh
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About Thorpes Education

THORPES®  is an Indian brand actively serving in the education domain with two-way focus:

1. 'Assessment of Learning' (AOL), and

2. 'Assessment for Learning' (AFL).

Assessments, over the years, has taken a driver seat in the Indian education sphere with the evolution of various competitive examinations. Also, the new pattern of learning advocated by C.B.S.E. and various other school education boards have included formative and summative assessments as a core function of their curriculum.

THORPES® brings cutting-edge test-prep solutions for assignments that help teachers, coaches and students slogging it out in classrooms and competitive examinations. We look for opportunities to provide students and teachers useful educational products - print, online and mobile, for various needs prevalent in the market.

THORPES® is associated at various levels with some of the elite publishers, such as:

Pearson Education India
McGraw Hill India
Oxford University Press India
LexisNexis India
Vikas Publishing India

THORPES® is a dynamic brand growing in various sub-domains of education and are interested in syncing with similar minded teams to serve our segment better, thereby, making fruitful business decision in Indian education market.

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Thorpes News
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