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LEXISNEXIS SHORT NOTES & MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS series is a new attempt at bridging the gap between learning and assessment.

The present volume LEXISNEXIS SHORT NOTES & MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS : THE MAHOMEDAN LAW follows a two part structure:

Part A - the short notes, is an accumulation of important terms and concepts related to THE MAHOMEDAN LAW.

  • The Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Application Act, 1937
  • The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act, 1986
  • The Wakf Act, 1995
  • The Dissolution of Muslim Marriage Act, 1939
  • The Central Wakf Council Rules, 1998
  • Statement of Objects and Reasons of Wakf (Amendment) Act, 1984
  • The Mussalman Wakf Act, 1923
  • The Mussalman Wakf Calidating Act, 1913
  • The Mussalman Wakf Calidating Act, 1930
  • The Public Wakfs (Extension) of Limitation Act, 1959
  • The Kazis Act, 1880

Part B - containing, the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), is a collage of fresh questions. This bank, comprising assortment of five types of MCQs, gives ample variation while assessing one's knowledge and conceptual clarity. Exposure to problems/issues and MCQs help aspirants grip the topic further. Aspirants attempting various examinations can rely on these study notes for focused and targeted material for recap.

  • AuthorsShowick Thorpe
  • ISBN9789351430315
  • ImprintLexisNexis Butterworths Wadhwa
  • CopyrightTHORPES
  • Pages232
  • BindingPaperback

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