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The quality of preparation material offered is excellent. It is a boon to the aspirants.


Thorpes Education provides a good variety of content on various subjects. It fulfills the need

...Prabhjot Singh
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  • Education primers get in sync with digital age
    NEW DELHI: Supplementary online content, greater emphasis on analysis and India-centric examples... education primers have changed beyond recognition in the country.

    Guidebooks for competitive examinations and higher education are now more tech-oriented, India-specific, analytical and precise.

    There was a time, a little more than a decade ago, when education primers were slim unimaginative volumes of stock questions and answers with a few activity-oriented papers to solve at the end of the book.

    Education books, on the other hand, were humungous information overloads, without precision information or pithy analyses to help students develop an aptitude and razor-sharp reasoning prowess....[ Read More ]
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  • The Pearson Current Event Digest 2015-16 released

    The Pearson Current Events Digest 2015-16 is an up-to-date, comprehensive and systematically prepared collection of inform...[Read More]