Get set to crack the revamped CSE

With no optional subject and the newly conceived aptitude test at the Civil Services Preliminary Examination, Showick Thorpe expects a large number of candidates to take up the exam. Here are some tips on preparing for it
Preparing for the Civil Services Examination (CSE) is a long-term process that should begin in a student’s sophomore year (the term ‘sophomore’ is valid in US setting only, and means the second year of college). That is the period when students start looking at their career-dreams, capability-expectations and resource-possibilities, all in one plane. Allow me to begin this article by comparing the new scheme of Civil Services Examinations (CSE) with the earlier one. Since the change is only in the preliminary round for this year, i.e., Civil Services Preliminary Examinations (CSPE), let us analyse, how the sophomore Indian student is looking at and could proceed towards the CSE.

Earlier, most students opted away because of either: (i) CSE’s path-to-success looked long, tiresome, intricate and unachievable to them; (ii) opportunities otherwise, such as a corporate life, profession oriented stability, and early potential to good earnings, etc., lured them away.

With no optional subject at the preliminary examination of CSE now, I expect lakhs of new applicants to look at CSE with a realistic chance. With the newly conceived aptitude test (i.e., CSAT Paper-II), aspirants who opted out earlier, can now keep CSE in their scheme of things.

This will increase the competition both quantitatively and qualitatively in the CSE. There could be 7-8 lakh applicants beyond CSE 2013. By CSE 2015 the overall traffic is likely to stabilise at 5 lakh+ applications...[ Read More ]

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